Config that works for me in DD-WRT, how to replicate it pfSense

  • I have a DD-WRT service based QoS that perfectly works for me while simple and intuitive to set up without going to much in details.

    I looked briefly in to pfSense queues, l7 etc. It is quite hard to understand it without investing tons of time.

    Is there a way to replicate in pfSense 2.0.1 these settings below? I am missing Multi-Wan, IPv6 (waiting in 2.1) and generally pfSense looks more solid to me

    Thank you

  • not to push you away from pfsense, i only mention this because its floating around in my head as well.  you might look at smoothwall.  it looks to be a more newb friendly interface.  i'm struggling with wrapping my mind around some of the technical stuff in pfsense and might demo smoothie myself.  i'm gonna give pfsense a shot first though and hopefully learn a little on the way.  just a though.

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