Php: : MONITOR: WAN1 has high latency, removing from routing group

  • Hi there.

    A cpl days ago a set up this balancing/failover system between two WANs and LAN on one of my pfsense boxes.
    I have my balancer/gateway groups/firewall rules set as described here:,28121.0.html

    The balancer works fine and the failover as well.

    This morning i noticed that a few hours ago WAN1 had become unavailable for a bit so that pfSense thought it should failover to WAN2,
    with this message:

    php: : MONITOR: WAN1 has high latency, removing from routing group

    And this is fine.

    Now i'm checking WAN1 and connectivity has been restored, but the balancer is not back in action, it's still on failover.

    Isn't pfsense supposed to reinstitute the balancer once it realizes both WANs are responsive, or am i missing something?

  • In general pfsense should sqitch between Balance and Failover Group and restore if all Gateways are up again.

    What option did you set on your Balancer Group ? I would suppose to not use "Member down". Better would be high latency and/or packet loss. Further check and make sure that the latency and/or packetloss of the WAN connection is lower than the limits you set for that GW.

    When you got to SYSTEM -> Routing -> Gateways.
    You can edit the limits:
    Latency by default is ~100ms and packet loss ~10% if I remember correct.
    I set this values higher (latency 300-1000ms) and packet loss (30-50%) because I sometimes have a bad connection and this prevents me from a flapping connection.

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