Is it valid to leave "Latency thresholds" blank when defining gateways?

  • Hey y'all.  Is this valid?  Just curious because it "seems" to be working but I want to make sure my failover is set up correctly and I only want to trigger on Packet Loss (not latency) so I assume I can leave them blank?  anyone know?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes you can leave those empty. I believe it will just use the default settings, possibly 200ms and 500ms?
    You normally shouldn't need to enter the advanced settings at all unless you are experiencing problems such as frequent alarms caused by a high latency connection such as a 3g modem.


  • That's fine, empty always means defaults as Steve noted. If a field is required, we force you to fill it in, it'll kick back an input error if you leave fields that must be filled in blank.

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