IPv6 Aliases?

  • GUI allows me to add an IPv6 alias (Firewall->Virtual IPs->IP Alias) but it doesn't take effect.  No entry shows up in ifconfig.  I was able to add an IPv4 alias fine.

    I'm just starting to play with my ISP's 6rd implementation so I just upgraded to "2.1-BETA0  (i386) built on Fri Jun 8 21:09:09 EDT 2012" earlier today to solve the address family bug with changing the Monitor IP.  The is the first time I'm trying to use IPv6 aliases in my config.

    I briefly searched and didn't see anyone else reporting this issue before so I'm not sure if it's a new bug - or perhaps I'm overlooking something basic?

  • Never touched that part. Add a redmine ticket for it. i hope i can get to it next week. Might be small. Don't know.

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