Watchguard vpn card

  • oes pfsense supports vpn cards installe in e series fireboxes. Any cheap source of used cards. Will vpn card from older box work in x550e

  • Netgate Administrator

    No, sorry.  ;)

    The Safenet safeXcell 1141 that came in the X-Core boxes (X500, X700 etc) should be supported. There are drivers in FreeBSD for it and it is recognised at boot but for some reason it does not work, or at least no-one has been able to make it work. That is a mini-PCI card and the X550e doesn't have a mini-PCI slot anyway.
    The X550e, and all the other X-Core-e models, have encryption hardware on the board in the form of a Cavium Nitrox lite chip. Unfortunately there are no drivers easily available for it. It requires propriatary binary modules to work under Linux.
    The X-Peak-e models had a large PCI-e VPN card with various encryption chips on it known as the 'tacoma module' that too is unsupported.  ::)


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