Unusual Config Help Needed

  • pfSense 2.01 running in a Windows 7 hosted Virtual PC VM and Firewall NAT and Rule to forward Remote Desktop to the LAN of the VM hosting Windows 7 machine.  Connection is made and able to authenticate, then remote desktop session hangs.

    Remote Desktop to other Windows 7 machines on the LAN work fine.  Just the one hosting the pfSense VM can’t get to work.

    Thinking some special firewall nat / rule config must be needed.

    Hope I explained that sufficiently.

    Appreciate your ideas and help.

    P.S. Not sure whether to put this in Firewalling, NAT, or Routing and Multi WAN.  Or some other forum.  So starting it out by just dropping it here in the General forum.  If there is a more appropriate forum feel free to move it.  Thanks.

  • An interesting piece of additional info.

    If remote desktop manages to connect to a different instance than the one the pfSense VM is running in, all seems to be fine.  So may take a couple of attempts to get connected.

    Would be nicer to get the original instance that is running the pfSense VM is running in to work though.

  • Guessing it could have something to do with the NIC's that virtual pc is emulating. Don't think anything other than Windows is supported on virtual pc and afaik it emulates a network card that most OSS operating system don't fully support…

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