Multi-WAN, single LAN; Route VOIP/Skype traffic over one WAN

  • I am pretty new to pfSense, and am loving the power of this package.

    I have a setup where we have two WAN networks, one Comcast and one is ATT DSL.
    What we hope to do is to be able to have all non-voip traffic go over the Comcast WAN, and have all voip and skype traffic go over the ATT DSL.

    Both WANs have already been configured into a multiple gateway groups for failover, etc, but in the ideal case we still want to push all this VOIP traffic over just the ATT WAN connection.

    I have played with some firewall rules trying to make this happen, including the Skype layer7 profiles, but I seem to be unable to accomplish our goal.  I just don't seem to have the right know how when it comes to setting up these rules.

    Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!

  • Just to add some more info:

    -I am using pfSense 2.0.1-RELEASE
    -The appliance running pfSense is a Soekris net6501 600MHz Atom box

    -Creating a Firewall Rule that uses the layer7 skypetoskype profile and applying it to all traffic from the LAN interface, with WAN2 selected as the gateway, seems to make the box burn 100% CPU and be unresponsive to all internet requests.  This makes me think that I am using the filters wrong.

    Again, any help, however broad and vague, that could help me in accomplishing the stated goal would be much appreciated.
    Please let me know what other information may be needed in order to route the Voip traffic over one of two WANs.


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