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  • Hi every one,

    when I add a user, I want to automatically send a mail to him with his password and his username.
    I'm trying to configure pfSense for smtp. I looked in the php.ini but there's no smtp configuration.
    pfSense has not sendmail too, I have tried to install Ssmtp but the make command is not found.
    The response I had on the forum is that pfSense is a firewall.

    So how can I send mail with pfSense, does a Package exist or should I install an other server behind pfSense just for smtp ?

    thank you,
    best regards,

  • Netgate Administrator

    There are no development tools in pfSense, like make, as you have discovered but you can add FreeBSD packages. You have to use the 8.1 archive for pfSense 2.0.x:

    pkg_add -r

    However you can easily break pfSense if you're not careful!  ;)

    pfSense can already send mail for notifications though I do not use that function.


  • pfSense doesn't use an internal mail server to send notifications. It requires and external one. This is setup in the Advanced configuration menu.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah Ok, like I said I've never used it.
    So it's just acting as a mail client then?


  • Yes. Basically that is all that it does.

  • Ok, thank you for your answers.
    I'm trying to install an Ubuntu with Ssmtp on it.
    I'm trying to install postfix forward package too, but I'm having trouble with it, i don't know what to write in the "domains to forward"

    EDIT: I've put in domain "" and in ip "", am I right ?
    EDIT 2: Should I modify something in the php.ini to use the mail() function ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You should ask this in the postfix thread in the packages subforum.


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