System frozen on setting up gateway monitors after reboot

  • Hi there.
    Time ago I bought two identical hardware servers (dell R210). I put "online" only the first one which has been working flawlessly (pfsense latest release 64bit).
    Now Id' like to prepare also the second one with the same identical configuration so, in the case of a primary hardware failure, it would be just a matter of 2 minutes in order to be up and running again with the second firewall.
    For this reason, I installed a fresh copy of pfsense on the second server and after that, through the web interface I uploaded the config.xml file of the first machine.
    Now here is the problem: the boot process gets stuck after the "setting up gateway monitors" and the only thing I can do is rebooting via reset button.
    Any suggestion?

  • Did you shutdown the first server before starting the second server? If they are running concurrently on the same network you will have multiple interfaces with the same IP address - an invalid configuration.

    In this case, PERHAPS "setting up gateway monitors" got stuck because a necessary response got sent to the correct IP address but the "wrong" interface.