Premoddified 2.0.1 images for WRAP

  • Since i pre-moddified images for 2.0 for the WRAP, someone asked me to moddify images for 2.0.1 as well.
    I don't have any WRAPs at hand anymore, so i cannot test if they actually work.
    If someone needs them they can be found on

    Disclaimer: Don't run too much on the WRAP. It only has 128 MB of RAM. 2.0.1 will most probably run, but just barely.
    You won't be able to run any packages (or only those that don't require much like the OpenVPN exporter)

  • Hey GruensFroeschli,

    Thanks :) !
    Just tried it on my old Soekris 4801 which has been running pfsense 4-5 years ago - unfortunately it didn't work for me…
    I just need to do some functionality-testing to create a businesscase - so would rather not have to purchase new hardware at this stage...
    Is this too old hardware to run this version - can anyone confirm this is working for them ?

    Thanks in advance :) !

  • Those are strictly for the WRAP because of a BIOS bug it has that won't be fixed by PC Engines since it's end of life. The 4801 and all other hardware must use the standard images. The 4801 works fine.

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