• Hi every one,

    I've install the squid and squidGuard package and apply this blacklist : http://www.shallalist.de/Downloads/shallalist.tar. gz
    But I can still browse on the website in the blacklist. I specify that in the "common ACL" tab, in "target rules", the default class is set as deny.
    Moreover in "general settings" the daemon squidGuard is said "active".

    By searching on the web, some people recommanded Dansguardian, does it do the same job ?
    Can you please help me with squid ?

    Thank you,
    best regards,

  • The "default" must be set to "allow" and the blacklists must be set to "deny".

    Then you must click "save" in general settings and after that "Apply".

    Dansguardian does the same job - but there are differences:
    SquidGuard is only blocking websites based on their URL
    Dansguardian is blocking websites on URL or based the content. So if you want to block "porn" and the website is just "www.sex.com" the SquidGuiard will not block it.
    But if the website contains the word "porn" then dansguardian can block the webpage.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I did what you said but I can still go on blacklisted website.
    Can anyone help me please ?


  • Can you please post screenshots of squidguard ?

    I added some URLs today on a new target and just put that in "Common" and it worked.

  • Hi,

    here's some screenshots of my squidGuard config :

    here's the target rules menu, all in deny except default who's in allow :

    thank you for your help,

  • Blacklist URL in "General Settings" is NOT the .conf file.
    This is the file/archive which contains the blacklists. As far as I know you only need this if you want to import blacklists.

    Please remove the line.
    Remove the targets this blacklist created.
    Go to blacklist tab and enter there the http path where you want to download the blacklist archive
    then configure again for "deny" and "allow".

    PS: Is the third picture the "Target Rules List (Click here)" of "common ACL"?

  • Yes it ishe "Target Rules List".
    Thanks, I try this as I can and I keep you informed.



    I wrote the http adress of the blaclist, and save. Then I went in the blacklist tab and push download button and get back to general tab and push apply.
    I can still go on website I suppose might be blocked by the BL. I go in /var/db/squidGuard/blk_BL_adv fo exemple and choose zmags.com (at the end of the domain file).

  • Hi,

    I installed pfsense on a new server just to try to setup squidguard.
    Here's the steps of my setup :

    download squid
    download squidguard
    enable squidguard-> apply -> save
    in "blacklist options" (general settings tab) -> http://squidguard.mesd.k12.or.us/blacklists.tgz  -> save
    in blacklist tab "download" -> I wait for "blacklist update complete"
    in common ACL tab -> I only hace default access and no other category

    It's the same thing with http://www.shallalist.de/Downloads/shallalist.tar. gz
    Category are not created !
    Can you help me please ?


  • Did you tried it using firefox or chrome?

  • Hi,

    I'm currently using chrome. I tried with Firefox but it's still the same. I've tried with IE too (but it's an old version) and I think it doesn't understand a lot of Javascript.
    Have I something else to configure before making filters ?


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