Automatic Outbound NAT Interface Type

  • Hi,

    I have 3 Interfaces: WAN, LAN and DMZ. The DMZ has a prefix from my provider which is routed to my pfSense box.
    When enabling Automatic Outbound NAT all servers in the DMZ are NAT-ed on pfSense. I can disable Automatic Outbound NAT and delete this rule, that works. But when I want to use that option, what can I do that everything on the DMZ Interface Subnet is not NAT-ed? In the pfSense Wiki ( is written: "The default "Automatic" scenario is to have all traffic that enters from a LAN (or LAN type) interface…" so is there an option to change an Interface not to be "LAN type"?

    Thanks for all help,

  • Tobias,

    you can create an outbound NAT rule for your DMZ subnet and check the 'Do not NAT' checkbox at the very top of that NAT rule.

    • Andreas