IPsec site-to-site VPN established, but I can't seem to touch their subnet

  • Weird problem here… The purpose of this VPN is to give some machines ( through on my network ( access an intranet site on a client's network. I've been using the guide on the Pfsense wiki to set things up… Here's the summary of what has been done so far: --> PFsense ( --> WAN (68.X.X.X) --> IPSEC TUNNEL --> Remote Host (200.X.X.X) --> Intranet site (172.X.X.X)

    I have the VPN established with a green light on the status page.

    Here is my firewall rule for IPsec:

    Here are my firewall rules to ensure the remote host can connect to my WAN:

    When I try to access 172.X.X.X in a browser (or ping) from a machine within my subnet specificed in the IPsec config, I get nothing. I see no entries in the firewall for any of the IPs mentioned above.

    What should I look at next? I feel like I must be missing something obvious since the IPsec connection is established and green.

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is data on the SAD entries going from you to the remote site - there is no data on the return SAs. That implies that they are blocking the traffic or it's being ignored/misrouted on the return. You side may be setup right. I'd focus on the remote.

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