Auto Backup Process

  • Hi All

    I am using the Backup package version 0.1.5 which tarballs and gzips a bunch of directories on my box. Mostly usage stuff.
    I need to make the process run every night so that it can then be backed up using rsync to another server.

    I know it can be done using a script which tarballs all the files and and a cron job which runs the script. However I'd prefer to keep using the GUI for the backup package to specify the directories which must be backed up.

    Also using pfSense 2.0.1 latest release the package does not actually produce the file for downloading once it has created the .gz file.

    Any help would be great.


  • So I found the command which the package was using "bsdtar".
    I created a small script to generate the backup files and set up a cron job to run the backup every evening.
    Finally I set up rsync to create backed up files of the backup file on a separate server.

    Backup Script:

    cd /home/user/backup
    mv -v pfsense_backup.tar.gz pfsense_backup_old.tar.gz
    bsdtar -c -z -f /home/user/backup/pfsense_backup.tar.gz /cf/conf /var/db/rrd /usr/local/bandwidthd /var/squid/logs /var/lightsquid/report

    Cron Job:

    0  	2  	*  	*  	*  	root  	/bin/sh /home/user/  

    Hope this helps someone out  :)

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