DynDNS bug?

  • I noticed now more than once a case of only partial DynDNS updates:

    Say I have TWO names for ONE interface, such as:

    then on multiple occasions when my WAN address changed, only one of them was updated, and the other showed in the DynDNS page in red with the old address, and I had to force-update that name.

    It almost looks like if one name for a particular interface is updated, it stops looking if there are additional names that need updating.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Interesting. I have 7 dyndns entries between two WANs and they all update as expected.

    anything in the system logs to suggest the dyndns update failed for some reason?

  • Nothing in the logs that I could see. But since the WAN address changes very rarely, this is difficult for me to reproduce. Essentially, as long as I don't force the Verizon ONT off the grid (yanking the power and the backup battery which are not supposed to be user operated), or I switch the MAC address of the WAN interface and wait for a few hours until the lease is expired or Verizon's system recognizes the new MAC as the "valid" interface address, or otherwise once in a bluemoon when they decide to give me a different IP address on a new DHCP lease, the address stays the same.

    So this usually goes unnoticed by me for quite some time, particularly since I access the box mostly through the LAN side.

    I only mentioned it, since I noticed it today for the third time, but I have no idea for how long it was that way. So if there's something in the logs, it's buried somewhere…

    I'll keep an eye out for this. It's not all that critical...