Setting up transparent proxy with bridged if

  • Hello,

    I am trying to setup a Transparent proxy on my LAN by setting up a pfSense box between my firewall and my LAN. The idea is to bridge LAN and WAN and proxy on the bridge if.

    So far I have not been able to setup the Proxy in a transparent way (= without setting the address of the proxy in the browser, which is what I am looking for).

    The main problem seems to be feeding the HTTP requests in the Proxy. I have tried to use "Transparent proxy" settings or manual Outbound NAT to try to feed the proxy on port 3128… No luck at all !!

    If anyone has had success in setting up such setting, I would be happy to have a description or howto… Because I am hopeless for the moment.


  • This is an old problem that has not yet been resolved.

  • You mean there is no way to do that with pfSense 2.0.1