HAVP + 2.1 development

  • Is HAVP working for the development 2.1 for anyone? After i install it i can't get it up and running, some sort or error in the grey box. wish i copied it before i uninstalled, something along the lines of can't dir "xxxxxx"doesn't exist.

    if it isn't working, is it a dead package or will they just wait for 2.1 release?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Someone probably just needs to fix the package to make sure it:
    1. Adds its user properly (though this may get automatically fixed once some pbi fixes get finished)
    2. Sets its config directory explicitly, since the PBI default assumes a different place than before. It should be in /var/etc/

    I'm not sure who is actively maintaining havp right now (might be dvserg) but the fixes above should be fairly easy to do.