Dhclient fails on a Nokia IP380

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    I installed pfSense 2.0 on a Nokia IP380 appliance. I had to compile a custom kernel on a FreeBSD 8.1 host and disable all the references to USB and I had to remove the two slots containing tulip driven NICs.

    The system boots, the fxp0 and fxp1 NICs are running with a spoofed mac address. From the logs of the currently running dhcp server, I can see that the WAN side NIC asks an IP address with DHCP, the server is offering an address, but the fxp0 NIC never gets up with that IP address. The log files of pfSense tell "pfSense dhclient: FAIL".

    On the LAN side, analog problem: when I connect a laptop (with DHCP enabled) to fxp1, I never get an IP address. Something happens and the LEDs of the NICs are showing some activity, but then nothing more.

    I am wondering how to solve this issue. The solution must obviously be provided at the serial console, since no NIC has a valid IP address and the webconfigurator is not accessible through the NICs. (Using "links/lynx" at the console is very user unfriendly). I tried to give static IP addresses with ifconfig, but I could get the network connection working.

    Since I never had web access to the system, the system configuration is unfinished. I only made a few changes to the config.xml file.

    Please, any idea would be welcome.

  • Did you compile your custom kernel with all our kernel patches? If not, lots of things will not work properly.

  • @cmb: now I did, and it works, at least on the fxp NICs.

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