PPPoE (WAN) recconnects and AON + DynDNS

  • I'm having difficulties regarding my Advanced Outbound Nat rules when my DSL modem drops it's line synchronization.

    My DSL line has low SNR and looses  synchronization several times a day, every time the PPPoE (WAN) in pfSense reconnects some AON+NAT rules don't seem to update. After Save+Apply in the AON webinterface menu, everything seems to work fine. One example of AON rule is:

    WAN  4672  *  *  *  *  YES KAD eMule

    which makes eMule KAD network work correctly.

    It seems there's also some problems with DynDNS client when PPPoE reconnects. After pressing "Save" in the DynamicDNS menu everything works as expected.

    I've noticed this since 1.2BETA1 and later snapshots.

  • Same problem here…
    I did a workaround by adding "0,30 * * * * root /etc/rc.dyndns.update" to /etc/crontab.
    Not the perfect solution, but anyhow…

  • scott checked in a patch, next build should change this behavoiur i hope…

  • Ok, i'll try it tomorrow.

    I also think this other topic is related:

  • I tried snapshot built at 2007-May-18 09:55:34 and the problem persists.

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