DNS Host resolve issue

  • An odd thing happened to my setup a few days ago, suddenly resolution of DNS entries that I had made on the pfsense box have stopped working.  So my computer name is chris-pc, if I open a command prompt and type 'ping chris-pc' it can find me, but as an IPv6 address.

    I have added a host name entry that maps my machine to the value 'chris'.  If I type 'ping chris' it cannot find my machine.  However if I do a nslookup and then type chris, it finds the correct value.  This is suddenly happening for all my DNS host entries. It acts almost like it doesn't even bother searching through what the server has for entries.

    I should also mention that if I fully qualify the name, then ping can find me.  So if I do 'ping chris.galaxy' it successfully finds me.

    This just suddenly stopped working for my whole network, so I am sure it is something I either checked or unchecked by accident.  How can I re-enable it so that i can just use the aliases I have setup with out having to fully qualify them?

    My setup is very simple, it goes: Modem -> Pfsense -> switch -> several PCs

    Here is an output of ipconfig /all.