Accessing peer IP from public subnet

  • Hi,

    i have a configuration where one site (A) has private ip behind pfsense and the other site (B) has public ips behind pfsense. On site (A) with the private ip's, the public pfsense-ip is NATed into the private subnet where a mailserver resides. If i try to access the private IP's from the site with the public ip's, this works fine, but the MX record points to the public IP of site (A), and this does not work, i suspect because the connection is NATed to a subnet that should be routed via the tunnel. Is there a workaround to allow this?

  • I have a similar situation, thanks to the way Comcast's business modems work.

    When you say you are "NATed," does that mean you have a 1-to-1 NAT set up from the gateway to your pfSense box, or that the pfSense box is simply behind a NAT?

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