PfSense 2.1/2.0 under KVM - host has no internet!

  • Hi there, this may be a bit off topic considering i run pfsense under KVM…

    I have a kvm host setup with ubuntu precise and kvm.

    The host has 2 nics. eth0 is setup as bridge br0 to guest for LAN access, the other nic i use pci passthrough for my guest firewall (pfsense)

    The setup works for my other lan clients, confirming the pci passthrough to be working, however i have no connectivity from my kvm host.

    Tcpdump shows packets initiated from host travel out on the guests wan interface but i receive no resp for my SYN packet.

    The weird part is that when i telnet 80 from the host i get packets returned?! Google is the only site i've seen working? Really strange. No rules on the host/guest fw for this it should allow all traffic outbound.

    Could be some mac spoofing setting with my isp? I'm Grasping for ideas here...

    Im out of ideas here. Please help!

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