Priority to a LAN device

  • Hi all and thank you in advance for stopping by to help me.

    I have a PFSense installation with 4 interfaces (WAN/LAN/WIFI/WIFI2).  On the LAN I have a Linux box which is running the Television system installed.  I want to ensure that this box has the bandwidth it requires, when it dmands it.  How do I go about do this?  Can anyone jigg me up a how-to or direct me to another post on the net where the same question has been asked (I cant find it).


  • I actually just asked a very similar question this morning. you can find it here:,50541.0.html

    I also found this post here which has instructions on how to create priority filters but I don’t understand how to follow it.,48901.0.html

    If you find how to accomplish this let me know, and ill do the same because I'm still looking myself.

  • I read the same articles, dont really get it fully.  To many ifs and buts on the tutorials I have seen I want a lets say kind of how-to.. know what I mean?

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