DHCPv6 leases "Online"-state strangely offline even if client is working.

  • I have seen a strange state on the DHCPv6 lease-table.
    The "Online" column says "offline" even if client is configured and is up and running and I can do ping to the address leased from DHCPv6.

    Build: 2.1 Sun Jun 17 21:59:21 EDT 2012

    Correct me if I have missunderstood the function.

    //Dan Lundqvist

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    When it does work, that only indicates a hosts's presence on that IP in the NDP table.

    If the client pulled both a DHCPv6 and SLAAC address and is actually using the SLAAC IP to reach the Internet (as Windows 7 and Ubuntu both love to do, among others), then it would never show as "online" in the lease table since it wouldn't show up in the NDP list since the firewall isn't actively seeing traffic from the DHCP IP.

    Not saying that's what is happening there, but it's the usual culprit here.

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