How install Dansguardian on pfsense ???

  • Hello guys !! I installed pfsense 2.0.1  with neccessary packages. I'm looking for topic how to install Web-filter
    Dansguardian on pfsense .

    Can you help me with that

    Thanks !!!

  • Install dansguardian from system-> packages and then choose and install a squid version to use with (2 or 3).

  • I've got my system working with squid OpenLDAP authentication.
    Got squidguard working too.
    I want to switch to Dansguardian. I've installed it, and filter works fine too.
    The only thing that doesn't work is where the groups are supposed to be populated automatically.
    I see that only Active Directory is being mentioned.
    I looked through the forum and found a part where someone got squidguard LDAP group working.
    Tried to adapt that script to dansguardian_ldap.php, no luck.
    When I execute, via console, php /usr/local/www/dansguardian_ldap.php I get:
    Content-type: text/html

    Group : internet

    "internet" is the name of the group I configured in pfSense and also in my OpenLDAP.
    Any ideas?

  • @gga:

    Any ideas?

    I'll convert it to openldad too as soon as possible.

  • That would be great!.

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