Unable to route between subnets

  • I have pfSense 2.0.1 running in a virtual machine in ESX5. The ESX host has one physical NIC, the virtual machine has 3 virtual NICs.

    WAN interface (em0): /
    LAN interface (em1): /
    WAN2 interface (pppoe0): dynamic /

    There is only 1 device on the 10.x subnet, my ADSL router with IP address

    The pfSense box can ping but computers on the 192.x subnet cannot. I have tried adding rules to the firewall to no avail. I also can't see any entries in the firewall log to show packets being blocked. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


  • Are you doing outbound NAT for the LAN to WAN? If not, the modem will not know how to find the LAN without a static route or a default route. Many modems don't support either.

  • Genius! I remember having this issue a few years ago now- not appreciating that traffic needed to know how to get back (i had the firewall setup ok to allow the traffic in both directions but only the route setup in one direction).

    Thanks a million!

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