Development of a new Package / Interface / Thing

  • Hi,

    I am looking at dusting off the old PHP skills to develop a new package for 2.0.1.  I have had a look round the forums to see what I can find from a getting started point of view but sadly no luck.

    I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

    What I would like to do (unless i am mistaken it has not yet been done either) is to create a "Multi Tenant" Interface for PFSense primarily for serviced offices.  The idea is as follows:

    A custom front end GUI to "replace" the current PFSense one.  This will restrict the setup of PFSense to the most common Multi Tenant features.  With the ability to switch back to the full GUI for really advanced config.

    Hooks into existing PFSense scripts from this GUI to make firewall rules, vpn, vlans and other features setup automatically.

    Hooks also into existing packages and parts of PFSense (like RRD Graphs) to produce bandwidth and billing based on bandwidth per client. (But leaving this more as an exportable CSV / display only).

    I understand that this could end up becoming (if i am not careful) a fork of the current PFSense.  Which is something i am keen to avoid.

    I am looking at releasing the package as a commercial open source package.  With a small license fee to help cover the cost of development.  However i dont envisage this being high (and if there is enough interest, really small).

    Any ideas, help and pointers would be most appreciated.

    Questions obviously accepted!


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