Load Balancing - Unable to access internet

  • Hi everyone,

    I seem to be having a problem with Load Balancing on PFSense 1.2-Beta-1. I have setup my Pool, NAT and Rules according to the tutorials. However it seems that once I have created the rule for the traffic to flow through my Load Balancing Pool I can no longer access the internet.

    Sometimes I can get on to certain sites, however even when I can get on it seems to be incredibly slow. I will often wait up to a minute for a site to load. Because of this it seems to me that it might be a DNS issue rather than anything else.

    If I force all traffic through any of my interfaces that are connected to the internet I can browse normally. I can ping a number of different internet hosts from all of my interfaces as well.

    My setup is as follows:

    I have four ADSL lines:

    1.) WAN interface using PPPoE
    2.) OPT1 Static
    3.) OPT2 Static
    4.) OPT3 Static

    All of my ADSL lines are connected to ZyXel Prestige 600 Series routers.

    The router for the WAN interface is setup as a bridge so that I can do DynDns updates on PFSense. The other routers are all set up as routers and connect directly to my service provider. I have one account with my ISP that allows four concurrent connections and all are connected.

    I have created manual outbound NAT rules for each of my interfaces and my firewall forces all traffic from the LAN through the Load Balancing Pool. I have entered DNS server information in General Setup.

    I am running PFSense on a Dual CPU Pentium II Server with 512MB of RAM and it is installed on the Hard Disk.

    I am new to PFSense so there is a good possibility that I am overlooking something basic.

    If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.



  • 4 lines  ;D
    what status is reported in Status - Load Balancer?

    Also what build of pfSense are you using?

    What addresses are you using for monitoring the 4 connections?

  • All lines show as online in the Load Balancer Status.

    Im using 1.2-Beta-1 Build April 30 2007.

    I am using the IP's of hosting servers at my ISP to monitor my lines.



  • I have upgraded to the latest snapshot it seems to be working now.


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