Problems portforwarding to 110

  • This should be easy and all my other port forward rules work fine, the NAT rule and FW rule is correct (auto created because I unchecked disable NAT reflection…

    I replaced a sonicwall with pfsense. pfsense has the same IP as the sonicwall did. Nothing else on the network has changed. This makes no sense. I am being told check your DNS, IDENT etc. but I dont' understand how this can be any different. Also I am accessing by IP not DNS.

    a) From LAN connect to mailserver pop3/110 internal IP = OK

    b) From LAN connect to mailserver pop3/110 externalIP (reflection) = connects top port but no banner

    c) From remote WAN connect to mailserver pop3/110 = connects and then banner but only after apx. 45 seconds!

    Thanks for any help with this. I know that it almost 100% not a problem with pfsense config but everything was working with the sonicwall.

    ... tested from another connection and c) works without delay... doesn't make any sense!

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