Build pfsense-2.1 in FreeBSD 9.0

  • Hi all
    Pfsense-2.1 snapshots are built in FreeBSD 8.3.  when i want to build 2.1 in freebsd 9.0  patch reject occurs (no  file to patch) and finally build fails.
    how can i build pfsense 2.1 in Freebsd 9.0?
    only freebsd 9.0 can install successfully on my appliance hard drive(Apacer SATA DOM)

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  • check the 2.1 dev board … you'll find post on why they are not running it on 9.0 and why it'll be a big pain to hack it to sort of work.

    its probably easier to find a way to port the driver from 9.0 to 8.3 and include that in a custom pfsense build

  • so bad….
    I don't know how can i port 9.0 drivers to 8.3.
    can you give me some advice?

  • @amirkabir:

    I don't know how can i port 9.0 drivers to 8.3.

    In general, it can range from

    • copy appropriate 9.0 files to 8.3 kernel source tree, compile and test; to

    • copy appropriate 9.0 files to 8.3 kernel source tree, repeat compile-test-and-edit until satisfactory results

    If you are lucky you might be done in a couple of days. Even if you have the appropriate skills and you are "unlucky" it might take you months.

    In what system did you see the trouble?

    In what way did the attempted install of a 2.1 snapshot build fail?

    If the hardware supports virtualization I think a more effective appropach would be to use (say) Ubuntu and run pfSense in a VM (say under VirtualBox).

  • thank you wallabybob
    I'm using  an appliance with SATA DOM hard drive.
    I'm building pfsense 2.1 in vmware with these instructions:

    I don't want to use virtualization for performance issues.

  • Netgate Administrator

    I am surprised that the flash disk module can have any effect on which version of FreeBSD installs.
    Do you have any further information on this? Forum/mailing list links? Etc.

    There were some 2.1 images built on 9 a number of months ago. Some people had little or no trouble with them. Some people had continuous crashes! It might be useful as a test to try one, if you can find it.


  • Dear Steve
    I couldn't find any useful information in forums.
    when i want to run Freebsd 8.x or pfsense 2.0.1 on my appliance hard drive (Apacer SATA DOM) , These error occurs:

    CAM status: SCSI status error
    SCSI sense: HARDWARE FAILURE asc: 3e, 2
    cddone: got error 0x5 back

    but freebsd 9.0 successfully runs and installs.
    a few months ago, i could build pfsense 2.1 on freebsd 9.0. but now i get many patch reject errors.
    I want to build my own iso.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What device do these errors appear next to? They look like CD errors.
    Have you tried booting from USB or using a NanoBSD image on the DOM, which you probably should do anyway.


  • thank you very much Steve.  :)
    booting from USB is OK and pfsense installed successfully on SATA DOM.
    the problem was USB CDROM.

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