Time display on dashboard always showing UTC

  • I just noticed that on recent (last few weeks?) 2.1 builds the dashboard is always displaying the date/times in UTC. Some 2.1 systems I have with builds 1 or 2 months old do not have this problem.

    /usr/local/www/guiconfig.inc has:

    $timezone = $syscfg['timezone'];

    if I change this to:

    $timezone = $config['system']['timezone'];

    then it happily displays the date/times using the timezone selected on the system.

    I guess that the $syscfg array variable has gone AWOL somewhere along the way - either no longer setup, or no longer in scope of guiconfig.inc

    I can easily submit a pull request in Github for this. But first, does anyone know what happened to $syscfg? That should be sorted out, as there might be other side-effects to be addressed.

  • I couldn't see an obvious change that broke this - I guess it was somewhere in changes to the various require_once calls that were done a while ago. Serching for uses of $syscfg, in other places it is defined and used in the same file.
    I found the $syscfg['timezone'] invalid reference in 3 places. I have submitted a pull request to fix these up.

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