LAN -> VIP (Carp) -> internet not working

  • Halo,

    I Have pfsense 1.0.1 (Latest stable)

    I'm trying to setup VIP using faq and forum messages, but all fails.

    Router IP - x.x.x.22
    VIP carp - x.x.x.151
    LAN IP - 10.y.y.195

    in Virtual IPs I add Carp IP address on WAN interface
    in NAT 1:1 I add WAN interface x.x.x.151/32 : 10.y.y.195/32

    Rules are:
    Allow all from LANnet to any

    Allow ICMP from any to any

    I think that this should be enough to have internet from LAN IP computer 10.y.y.195?
    I can ping only the internal network and router IP address.

    I tried to add rules on WAN:
    allow all from any to 10.y.y.195 - no results
    allow all from x.x.x.151 to any - no results

    on LAN:
    allow all from x.x.x.151 to any - no results

    Can You point where I could make a mistake?

    P.S. all steps I did using faq's and forum messages, I did search before posting message.
    Plz point to the answer, not to the search engines.

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