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  • I have a pfsense installation with several NICS in, I want to be able to access devices on the 10. network from the 192 network.  I can access the 10. network from the pfsense router telnetting from an ssh session.

    What do I need to add to route this traffice successfully?

    Thanks in advance


  • Put a pass rule on the 192 interface to permit traffic to the 10 network. That is all.

  • O' what an idiot, there was a block rule in place!  Thanks BUT, I have another problem.  When I ping something on the 10.61.88 network on the router or telnet to it is works fine, however when I do the same thing from the 192.168.1 LAN I get a reply from the 192.168.4 network????? WTF???? What should I be looking at to find the problem???  List your ideas PLEASE before I go bald!

    Thanks x

  • If I ping from the lan 192.168.1 network it replys correctly!  A clue?

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