Domain access issues with 1.2 Beta 1.

  • I can no longer go to anything at my domain (ei www.domain.ext, or ftp.domain.ext) but only the local boxes (which is server.domain.ext) domain will load.  My local box is only a firewall/wireless AP and I could access the web site, etc. e-mail, etc. on the server off-site just fine before I upgraded.  Any idea's?

    Also I am using Layer 3 public DNS servers ( and 4.2.2.) for my DNS on this box as I was doing before with 1.0.1.

    Also I will deal with this if I have too as my Cisco 350 card (WAN) needs the kernel built as it is in 1.2 Beta vs. 1.0.1.

    Any idea's I would love them!

    Deja Vu

  • Because you select this domain in General Setup and pfsense take this domain as local only and dont translate via outside dns anymore.
    I have problem with this too :)

  • So there is no work around for this right now?  I have an A record on the server where my domain is hosted pointing back to this box for access from the outside world.  Since it use to work before the update does anyone know if this will ever work again?

  • This is not a bug…
    I dont realy understand why dev do this... but you can change your server.blabla.ext to anything else (in General setup) and then set in dns forwarder.

  • Simple work-around.  Turn off DNS Forwarding.

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