IPsec and static routes

  • I have two sites connect with an IPsec vpn. At my main site I have a layer 3 switch with a few vlans. From one of the vlans I can ping the internet and my gateway pfsense. But if I try to ping the remote site I cant. I can ping the remote site if I ping from the lan that is attached to pfsense. I ran a traceroute from the vlan and the gateway pfsense is sending the pings out over the wan link and not the IPsec. By the way I am using pfsense 2.0 How can I get the ping to go over the IPsec?


  • If traffic goes out to the Internet rather than across the tunnel, the source and destination IPs of that connection don't match your IPsec phase 2. They have to. Add another phase 2 or expand the existing.

  • Thank you that did the trick.

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