• Hi All,

    I'm trying to setup Load Balancing in a QA Lab Env.  Trying to balance port 25 between 3 MTA's to do some testing.

    I've setup a VIP on pfsense, on the LAN side, setup the pool between the 3 IP's on the LAN side, setup the Virtual Server on the VIP added rules for the VIP and three IP's on the LAN and WAN side.

    I can successfully telnet XX.XX.XX.XX 25 from the WAN side, but when I try from the LAN side it just stalls.  I'm not seeing any FW blocking entries, the LB Logs show that all three IP's in the Pool are up.  What am I missing?

    I need to be able to send mail through this LAN VIP to the LAN Pool IP's from a LAN address.

    I'm using PFsense 1.2Beta1

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • No idea, but I'm missing exactly the same thing.

    Did you have any luck with it yet?