V1.2.3\. All monitor IPS in loadbalancer go offline when adding new adsl line

  • Hello,
    I have a serious problem trying to add 2 more ADSL lines to the existing five (VLANs via smart switch) lines I already have working in the loadbalancer V1.2.3. All are from the same provider, have different IPs (inlcuding new ones), but as soon as I add one of the new ones to the loadbalancing pool, after 10 seconds or so, all monitor IPs go offline. With just the 5 existing lines, the system has worked perfectly for years.

    I have 2 PFSense firewalls with 2 netgear FS726T smartswitches (for hardware redundancy) (i'm not using port1) and getting the same results on both of them.

    By themselves the new lines seem to work just fine. I've had dhcp turned off on both. Even upgraded PFsense to V2 (reverted back, as I know V123 better, and my knowlegde of firewalls is limited enough as it is)

    I'm completely stumped  ???.. All suggestions are welcome.

  • Update:

    To make sure the problem is not with the capabilities of the vlan switches, i've removed a (correctly working) adsl line, and swapped it with one of the new ones (changing ip address and gateway info of course), and getting the same results. Status offline in loadbalance gateway.

    Even removed all other lines from loadbalancer list. Remaining (new) line still offline in loadbalancer.
    Something with ports in the new modems maybe?


    Moved one of the old (working) lines to the previously unused port of the switch (which I intented to use for new line), configured VlanID and IP info, and that as well works perfectly in a loadbalancing configuration.

    So i'm asking myself: what could be so different between old and new ADSL lines?

    What I haven't mentioned before is:
    the new lines are coming in through a Mikrotik wireless WDS bridge, as it was impossible to get more physical phone lines at my location.

    Again, connecting these lines in directly my laptop (at both ends of the bridge), they appear to be working normally

  • do they have different gateways ?

    pfsense can not support multi-wan interfaces with same gateway.

  • Issue resolved by putting 2 routers for the 2 lines between wireless bridge and smart switch. Furthermore Pfsense seems to want a reboot when configuring a new Vlan.

  • running newer versions of pfsense will solve the vlan issue

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