Possible error in Description/config of IPSEC mobile clients or my sillyness…

  • I configured an IPSEC-tunnel for mobiles, but one thing seems to be "wrong":

    According to the description at the help-page "http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Mobile_IPsec_on_2.0" i have to setup at client-side:

    Password: your xauth password

    At the user-manager i setup a special IPSEC preshared key, which appears at the IPSEC-setup too. Entering that key at the mentioned place on the mobile, i get a "wrong password"-error. Entering the "normal" user-password, all works fine.

    Is that an error or my misunderstanding? If i misunderstood that thing, what is the psk for in that place? (user-manager) Its never used.
    Apart of this the tunnels work great!

    Thanks for any clarification!

  • That's for a different type of mobile IPsec. You're using xauth, which truly means the user's password, doesn't use user pre-shared keys.

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