• Hi Everyone,

    Newbie here! Just start to use Pfsense (1.01) two weeks ago. Everything was fine for about one week and then this problem start to show up. After the client get a new lease from the Router/Firewall, some of the machine can't ping the Router/Firewall (No outside connection) and the number of machines start to pile up. Finally I change the IP of the Router/Firewall and it start to work again fine.

    Yesterday the problem started again and this morning I upgarded to 1.2 Beta. It runs fine for about 5 hours and now the problem is coming back (so far only two stations out of about 50).

    I did a search and couldn't find anything related to this issue.

    By the way, the station works fine if I change it to a different static IP address.


  • make sure that the pfsense dhcp server is nog serving ip's you have static given to a pc
    if it das then you get a lot of problemens

  • Are you sure that pfsense is the only running DHCP server on your LAN. This sounds like what happens when you have more than running.

    check all the ifconfig (ipconfig on win) results are pointing where you would expect them to ie DNS server, Default gateway etc

  • OK, I'm having the same exact problem as well :(  Anyone has any solution?  I upgraded to latest beta and still no go.  Help!

  • Then we do need some more info…

    1. Are you testing with a default install.
    2. A network diagram would be nice.
    3. Other DHCP servers on the network.

  • This definitely sounds like an IP address conflict or something of that nature, unrelated to pfsense regardless.

    I would put a sniffer on a span port and see what's actually happening on the wire.

  • Just wanted post that I got my problem resolved.  Thanks to cmb and morbus as well cause I totally forgot about the net interface I brought up for my 2nd WLAN with totally wrong range of DHCP addresses.  Loctcs, please check you interfaces and see if you made mistake as I did.

    Thanks all,

    happy pFsening ;)

  • Hi Sunny,

    I'll look into it when I get back to the office. Thanks for your advice and thanks to everyone for their input.