Snort: pkg v. 2.2.1 - Is it stable now?

  • Does anyone know the current status of Snort? Is everything working again like the previous version? Whitelist/Blocklist etc.

    Snort: pkg v. 2.2.1 i386 and Snort: pkg v. 2.2.1 AMD64

  • In my opinion, No. >:(

    on a clean install of pf, squid, squidguard, & snort.

    Snort will startup and even seems to pull updates from on schedule.. however…

    when snort restarts after the update, there is only a new instance of snort running.

    also, when performing a manual restart on pf->services there is only another instance of snort running after restart, and there is nothing in the logs about the attempt to stop or restart.

    finally, when stopping snort on the service page, snort does not snort does not stop at all. I have to kill all instances manually from the commandline.  ::)

    to be fair though, i don't know how much of this is the fault of snort and how much is pf.

    When i try to stop squidguard & squid, they just spontaneously restart on their own.

  • I agree it is still not stable, honestly does not seem to have really improved, since starting my recent journey into pfsense. I just went through a total fresh install. I am starting to loose faith in a stable product here and it's becoming harder for me to say this is a good stable choice for my employer.

    As many others have stated why is there no way to roll back packages to a working version? Why is there not more stringent testing going on before pushing to your stable version? There has to be a simple way to get things sorted out here until you have the "updated" version working, or is this a difference between "paid" support and free?

    Me personally, I am waiting about another week before calling this way to unstable for my taste for such a product, since multiple weeks broken is too long in my opinion, especially for those of us new to pfsense and trying just get a working install of listed features. I feel setting up a personal repo is way over kill to get a functioning system, then "cherry picking" the proper revisions for what packages we want to use, again especially just coming into the product.

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