Traffic shaper dropped packets

  • I set up the traffic shaper via the wizard.  I'm seeing dropped packets in three queues of about 1%.  Our Inet connection is 300Mbps symmetric.  This time of year we barely use 10% of that, but we are still seeing the queues dropping packets.  I have ECN turned off on all queues and RED activated on all but the VoIP queue.  I see drops on the WAN and LAN queues.  All queues are CBQ queues.

    Hoping someone can educate me on what I'm missing.  thanks

  • I removed RED from all the queues and then set all queues with a priority of five or less to a queue limit packet per second to 1000.  Haven't dropped a packet yet after these changes.  Not sure why this is needed.  Most of the packets I was losing we from a queue with a priority of 5 before this change.  Still puzzled what is going on…

  • I've played around with it some more and setting the Queue limit in packets per second setting is what stopped the packet drops.  Not sure why.

  • I ran a stress test for an hour on the pfSense and setting the queue limits is what fixed the packet drop issue.  Perhaps pfSense does not queue packets in the packet shaper unless this option has been set by the user?

    I got pfSense to pass ~ 275Mbps for about half an hour at over 30,000 packets per second with no packet drops.

  • Wanted to thank you for this.  I disabled ECN myself and set all queues with a priority of five or less to a queue limit of 1000 packets per second on my 50/5 cable connection.

    Dropped packets disappeared on unsaturated connections and running a speed test on, reliably improved my speeds a bit.

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