IPsec and DMZ

  • Hello!

    We have one headquarter and one branch office connected via IPsec-VPN. On both sites is pfSense. Tunnel is working fine.
    My problem is to reach the DMZ in headquarter from branch office.

    Do you have any ideas, why it doesn´t work.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Greetz speedy

  • Hello Speedy,

    this can be a few things …
    Can you give us more information about your config?

    Can you ping a server in your dmz?
    Did you check your firewall rules and the logs?
    Is your routing working fine?

    Greetings, Sanches

  • Hello,

    the problem is, that the branch office doesn´t have a route to DMZ in headquarter.

    Here my configuration:

    em0 –> WAN 217.x.x.10/29    gw--> 217.x.x.9/29
    em1 --> LAN
    em2 --> DMZ  gw--> 217.x.x.9/29

    branch office:
    em0 --> WAN 62.x.x.10/29      gw--> 62.x.x.9
    em1 --> LAN

    The tunnel is configured like this:

    Phase1: Interface = WAN headquarter ; Remote Gateway = WAN-address branch office (and vice versa)
    Phase2: Local Network = LAN subnet headquarter ; Remote Network = LAN address branch office (and vice versa)

    I don´t know, how to configure the tunnel between DMZ headquarter und LAN subnet branch office.

    Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.


  • Hello,

    i thought, there is just 1 post, but http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,50914.0.html
    It's the same, just in the german support.

    We should close this one and keep going in the german one …

    My german is also better  ;D

    Greetings / Gruß


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