FTP not included in Penalty queue (1.2-BETA-1)

  • I ran the traffic shaping wizzard in pfSense 1.2-BETA-1, I enabled VOIP, P2P catch all and Penalty IP. I left everything default, except from higher priority for FTP, HTTP, SMTP, DNS, and IPSEC. I found out that FTP traffic from a computer using an IP address listed in the Penalty queue does not show up in the queue "qPenaltyUp" and "qPenaltyDown", but in the queue "qlandef". If I make a phone call with my SIP phone, the traffic goes to the right queue i.e. "qVOIPUp" and "qVOIPDown".

    Edit: If I download with the FTP protocol, the traffic goes first to the queues "qPenaltyUp" and "qPenaltyDown", then after a few seconds to the queue "qlandef".  ???

  • I fixed the problem by disabling the userland FTP-Proxy application on LAN interface.

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