Any way to see online users or get list?

  • hi all i searched in forum and all the topics! similar questions but nothing helping or any solutions! :-
    i am using freeradius+pppoe server!
    is there any way to see connected users, or count the accepted ones, or get a list of them?
    how can i found how many users is now online ?!
    realy need help !

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    AFAIK, mpd doesn't make that easy, if it's even possible. People have been asking for the same info out of PPTP forever, not sure anyone ever came up with a good solution.

  • i found a tutorial that used mpd , freeradius +mysql in freebsd
    in the end of this tutorial they give a solution for get the online list from freeradius (mysql query)  ;D
    here we go ! ;D

    also i have an other question  ???!  can i do same thing with pfsense as like as this guide for load balancing in large isp networks for pppoe server ?

    thanks!  :)

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