Help on Skype and other messenger not working after installing squid guard

  • Good Day Guys and Galz,
    I had manage to install pfsense and its working with no doubts but after installing squid guard my access to skype messenger and other messenger are now not working. Could any one please help me what is going on.

    Thanks in advance

  • anyone from the group?

  • Were you able to run skype et all before installing squidguard? Is there a blacklist blocking chat enabled? Turn squidguard off then try connecting.

  • Yes, i had a successful run after installing pfsense i even trying to restart pfsense several times and have no problem in using skype until i install squid guard and have a restart. that is the time skype can't connect anymore. My firewall rules is still on default which means i have not touch any firewall rules yet. thanks

  • help me please

  • Easy, now, remember, we are all just folks volunteering on our freetime. Meatspace needs take precedence sadly.  :D

    Only way I could be of any use to you is to verify that squidguard is your problem. Try disabling it and trying to connect then. You can disable services by going to Status>Services Then hitting the stop button next to the squidguard package. After it says that squidguard is stopped, try connecting.
    If you are successful, then we know for sure that your squidguard package is miss-configured.

    If that's the case, check and make sure that there isn't a rule blocking chat programs in the squidguard configuration page. Note that this is different from the firewall rules.

  • Just solve my problem;

    never to check

    Not to allow IP addresses in URL

    This is to allow skype read the ip address in your internet browser

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