Pfsense - multiwan - one interface stops working

  • I have a pfsense box with 1 WAN (DHCP) and 2 Lans.  I have rules isolating Lan2 from Lan1.

    I have snort installed and configured.  Works fine.

    When the system boots everything works fine.

    After a few hours Lan2 (one of the opt interfaces) stops forwarding/working.

    I can ping the interface address of lan2 from lan1 but I cannot connect to any clients on lan2 from lan1.

    Lan2 clients cannot get any DHCP leases.

    I have more to look into but what I am thinking so far is when WAN gets its dhcp renew Lan2 stops working.

    What should I look into to see why this is not working?

    Any ideas or solutions?

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