WRAP connected to x86 pfSense as Access Point or Bridge

  • I am thinking about buying a PCI to mini PCI adapter and using my Winstrom Newweb CM9 Atheros as an Access Point in my x86 box  pfSense firewall.  Then I thought that maybe I should just connect the WRAP wireless setup to and existing x86 interface and to possibly use it at a WiFi bridge only with no nat etc.  Is this possible?  Will it work properly as I intend?  To just accept wireless and pass it on to the main PFS firewall.

    Or is there another cool setup that I have not mentioned that someone would like to suggest.

  • You can do it either way you describe. Which to do depends on your personal preference.

  • I looked around pfs and cannot find where i would disable nat.  can you tell me what tab I would find that under and what that feature is  called specifically?


  • You can do this at

    –> System: Advanced functions : Traffic Shaper and Firewall Advanced --> Disable Firewall

  • If you bridge the interface, it won't get NAT'ed.

    Or if you just want to route, enable Advanced Outbound NAT with no NAT rules.

    What heiko suggested is a bit extreme unless you don't want to do any filtering whatsoever.

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