Facebook? Really weird problem….

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    Currently sitting at a customer. 3 identical machines, 1 pfsense with VLAN and no facebook.

    All other sites work fine, but no facebook. Tried everything….

    All is running in Vsphere 4.1 and machines right along them works fine...

    Any  ideas???

  • Tried everything….

    What exactly did you try?

    Anyway, did Facebook work until recently and then suddenly stopped? Did anyone try to implement one of the many "block Facebook" recipes (e.g. DNS override, filter FB IP blocks etc) ? Your best option would be to use tcpdump to check what happens to the client traffic to FB.

  • i had the same issue the other day (but i point to openDNS) and i dont block it in my opendns portal.  i logged into another network that i manage that has openDNS and it worked fine and that network doesnt run pfsense.

    after a few minutes if trying, facebook finally loaded, but it was strange.  this happens once every couple weeks. i am not on facebook that much to care, i just found it odd that it was not responding.

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