Help with natting – i think

  • I'm trying to gain a much better understanding of what is happening at the packet level for advanced outbound nat and firewall rules in pfsense. I have been using it in my organization (voip provider in northwest) for about 4 months now and have enjoyed it, the network topology is getting more advanced though… One big problem is the ability to 'control' dataflow to the correct nic/interface. If I have for instance 2 WAN connections, one LAN, no load balancing, nothing fancy, only weird thing might be that both WAN connections have the same static gateway... Now, if I create an advanced outbound NAT rule telling pfsense to send data packets from a specific internal IP (ie: to go to a specific adapter (WAN2) for any port, no static mapping, nothing else. Why would this not work? (it just keeps going through WAN) What am I missing, the firewall is setup to allow any traffic, the LAN NAT rule is setup to allow LAN --> ANY... Help  :-[

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  • What version?

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