Multi LAN, one DHCP and one static mapping. Problem

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    Is there any way to have one pfsense with two subnets both active on the same psysical local network?
    And then create rules so some DHCP enabled computers go into one subnet and the rest as default goes into the other subnet?

    This is what I have tried with no luck

    Pfsense: Subnets and interfaces
    vr1 = WAN
    vr0 = LAN - DHCP NOT enabled.
    vr2 = OPT1 - DHCP enabled

    Pfsense: Client setup
    CLIENT_01: No rules
    CLIENT_02: No rules
    CLIENT_03: Static mapping for MAC address to

    Client setup
    CLIENT_01 : setup with static IP
    CLIENT_02 : set up to get IP from DHCP
    CLIENT_03 : set up to get IP from DHCP

    Setup LAN
    4 switches, 130 clients.
    Both LAN and OPT1 goes into the same switch so clients on any ports/switch can connect to one of the two subnets.

    Result / problem

    Good result:
    CLIENT_01 will go into the network on the LAN interface (192.168.24.x) as configured on the client
    CLIENT_02 get a DHCP address from OPT1 as espected (192.168.24.x)

    Bad result:
    CLIENT_03 also gets an DHCP address even though I added a static mapping for LAN interface (

    I can see it in the DHCP listed as "offline" at the bottom of the page with the statip mapped LAN address. But searching for the MAC address I also see it listed with a DHCP address from the OPT1.

    to sum up…
    I look for a way to fix this problem or do the same thing in a different way.

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